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Digital Media & Design Computing Courses

This is a list of the Digital Media and Design Computing courses offered in the recent past by Brian Johnson, Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington. Times and quarters offered will vary in the future. The University Course Catalog and Time-Schedule are the official resources for this information. Other courses are also available; check the Time-schedule for more information.

Interested and well-prepared graduate and undergraduate students from all programs on campus are welcome to join these classes on a space-available basis -- contact me ( for information about waiving pre-requisites, etc.

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Arch 481:3D Modeling & Rendering
Arch 482:Web Weaving
Arch 484:Design Computing Seminar
Arch 486:Algorithmic Geometry in Architectural Design
Arch 498C:Creating Responsive Environments
Old Arch 587:Theory of Design Computing

Last updated: August, 2019