ARCH 482: Web Weaving, University of Washington, Department of Architecture

Web Weaving

Instructor: Brian Johnson • Winter Quarter, 2018

This course has been mothballed and is not expected to be offered in the future, but I am leaving it online as a reference resource (for myself if not others!). There are a number of other web-design and web-technology courses available on the Seattle campus.

Table of Contents

Course Info
Information related to administration of the course itself. Syllabus, schedule, grading, etc.

These web pages introduce the major types of web information and discuss their primary characteristics, uses, creation, and limitations.

Common Patterns
Examples showing how web technologies are combined to address common issues online. Collected here so that they are preserved for you to view and learn from.

A filing system for students to share links to websites related to the course.

Bulletin Board
A web-based bulletin board. A place to ask, answer, or research common questions related to the course, the web, or related media. If you've got a question or comment, post it here.

Homework Pages
Almost all student work in the course will be presented through a series of web sites. These sites are about presenting architectural material on the web. Visitors are invited to comment on these sites. Just follow this link.

This search feature operates on just the course web site, so it may help you find content specific to the course. It may help with general subjects ("html", "javascript", etc.) too, but Google and other search sites can often help most there (or try the "Bookmarks" area of the site).

Other Links

Online copies of handouts, plus files for download. This will become clear as we go on with the course.

From time to time you may want to upload files for me to look at, or for all us to see and share. The "sandbox" is our shared play space for files. Because of this, it requires a password for access.

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