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ARCH 484: Design Computing Seminar, University of Washington, Department of Architecture


Instructor: Brian Johnson, Winter Quarter, 2012

Design Computing: A Big Umbrella and
a way of thinking...

What's it about?

    For a very quick overview, check out the syllabus.

    This exploratory seminar is intended to introduce and explore broad topics of inquiry in the realm of design computing. It brings a varied slate of visitors (guests, faculty, practitioners and students) to the class to share their passions and insights with us. Some talks will be directly "architectural" while others may be more about gaining exposure to leading-edge thinking that seems likely to influence buildings and the design of buildings in the future.

    Below are links to a handfull of essays (think "blog postings") that I hope you find thought-provoking. I also have copies of past student research investigations (in "Student Papers") and some other readings that have merit.

    • 2012 - "Seamless Interfaces: Holy Grail or Golden Fleece?" pdf
    • 2009 - "Mind-meld: My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts" pdf
    • 2007 - "On Virtuality and Reality" pdf
    • 2006 - "Reflections on the Screen: Thoughts on Representation and Design" pdf

    One of the main goals of this course is to show you some of the subtle and complex issues that people care about in the overlap of computation and design, and to invite you to investigate something you find interesting, to think carefully about the topic, and to share your thoughts and investigation with the rest of us in an atmosphere of inquiry.


If you have questions, please email me, Brian Johnson (brj@u.washington.edu).

Last updated: January, 2012