Our Shared Parts Library

To do interesting things you will need more bits and pieces than come in the basic Inventors Kit. Some of those things have been purchased or donated in the past and are inexpensive enough that we simply try to keep a supply around. A box of these will be available in our classroom. Please do return the parts you borrow if at all possible, and do what you can to keep the box tidy. Donations gladly accepted too!

The online "Library" database shows all the things we believe we have available, as well as their last known replacement cost, source, specs, and (often) a picture (in case you're not sure what you're looking at or for).

The "Restricted Section" of the Library

Some of our goodies are valuable enough that we don't want them to wander off unaccounted for. These will still be available, on a "reserve desk" basis, meaning they are not self-serve. They will be loaned to individuals who accept responsibility for returning or replacing them when their project is complete.

As these are stored in locked area, you will need to talk to me if you want something from this part of the library.