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Pattern: Prompt + Response

Each time this page is reloaded it displays the same "prompt" image. Response drawings are recorded and available to browse or respond to, but this initial prompt has priority.

This Graphic's Comment:

DMG Floor Plan
This is the floor plan of the DMG, showing walls, columns, sink, etc. This cannot be changed, but furniture can be moved about.

About Tracery

Tracery makes graphic input available to web developers. To illustrate some of the ways it might be used, this site presents a "graphical bulletin board"--a place to draw and save graphics, but also a place to comment (verbally and graphically) on graphics already posted.

The image at far left is "hot" - click on it to access an interface through which you can draw or type your response to the graphic. Each image may have an associated comment, so you can offer comments on the image, or modifiy it, or both.

The thumbnails in the lower-left display the "family tree" for this discussion. Click any of the thumbnails to bring it "front and center".

Alternative Configurations

Home page
Sketchbook Sketching & Notes
SketchPad Shared serial sketching
Assignment Prompt & Response
CoQuilt Collaborative design

In Progress...
Homework submittal and grading

Usage Tips:

  • click on the "img" graphic to open a Markup Panel
  • change line weight or color using the menu in the lower-left corner of the drawing area.
  • click on the "Derivations" link below to view previous responses, or scroll down (you may need to refresh if something has been saved since this page was loaded).
  • If the display window is smaller than the actual image, you can use command+Click & drag to pan large drawings.
View Derivations (aka Drawing History)

November, 2010

Derivative graphics. (Click on thumbnail to view sketch and comment in area above) [full screen]