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Occasionally I develop sufficiently general-purpose software tools, either server add-ons like the ConferWeb CGI or authoring aids like TheLinker (see below), that I think they might be of interest to others on the web. These tools are intended to withstand the abuse of personal "production use", but are not commercial products. Thus, they are provided "as-is" and without support (though bug reports are welcome).

Postcard Ware Licensing

Postcard Ware - Software licensed for noncommercial use free of charge, but with the obligation to identify yourself as a user. Notification may take the form of a physical postcard directed to Brian Johnson, Dept of Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, or you may register by e-mail to brj@u.washington.edu.

All software and documentation remains copyright of the author and may not be reproduced or distributed without prior written consent. Software, data files, and documentation provided "as is"--author makes no claim that they will work flawlessly for you, nor accepts any blame for problems which may be encountered, data which may be lost, or any other damages.

OS-X Tools & Applications

Software for Macintosh web servers, the ConferWeb CGI software allows the built-in MacOS "web sharing" (apache) web server to host guestbooks, bulletin boards, and discussion forums in a highly customizable and flexible fashion. Includes a number of spam-control and email interface features as well.


peapePipe enables the use of Applescript CGIs with Apple's "personal web sharing" (apache) web server by providing a faceless client-server system that runs as 'www' under apache, but communicates with your Applescript CGIs running under the identity of the logged-in user. Can also be used to bridge between Applescript and cron or php scripts.


Automate execution times, Crontooie provides a GUI for the standard UNIX cron utility.


Software for Macintosh web developers, TheLinker creates HTML links which mirror the file system hierarchy on your hard disk, so you can focus on writing content pages, not maintaining navigation links.


A web-crawler for downloading and archiving web content, rewriting absolute links as it goes. Variable "stopping rules" make sure you don't try to archive the whole web!


Contact me!

A web-based collaboration environment for small groups. Contact me if interested.

DEMO CGI SCRIPT (with Source) Demo

A simple CGI script that you can use as a starting place to develop your own Applescript CGIs.

Last updated: 7/8/2011