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Crontooie 1.0

A Crontab GUI for Mac OS X


crontab is both the name of a unix system file and the utility program which users normally employ to edit it. The crontab file is important because it controls the cron facility built into Mac OS-X, through which you can run unix scripts (file backup, database updates, etc.) on a regularly scheduled basis. crontab is usually edited with the vi editor, a particularly arcane and obscure program. I don't know about you, but it drives me nuts! So, I wrote Crontooie to provide a graphical editor for the crontab file. Crontooie 1.0 is the initial public release of this application.

Crontooie gives you a simple interface to your crontab file (there's one per user), allowing you to add and remove jobs as well as edit the scheduling fields that control them.

The current version of Crontooie does not check your entries for validity, nor does it supply assistance in setting entries. However, there are many examples on the web providing candidate scheduling strings.

Crontooie is an Applescript Studio application which uses the do shell script system interface routine to retrieve and replace your crontab file. Editing utilizes the Applescript Studio's Table interface entity to display the crontab data.