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Crontooie 1.0

A Crontab GUI for Mac OS X

Notes and Miscellaneous

cron jobs are run in the Bourne shell, without any environment, so if you need specific shell, path or environment settings, make sure you put them in your job.

cron jobs do not have a terminal environment, so you may need to redirect standard input, output, and error files to make sure they run properly.

I find it convenient to develop my cron jobs in a /scripts folder, even if they're pretty simple, rather than directly executing a system-level command. This lets me debug the script, keeps them in one collection, and generally gives me a comfortable feeling. Your experience may be different.

Example 'cronjob' script

This is a job I created to test whether a certain background process ("ppSrvr") is alive and well, restarting it if necessary. The crontab shown in the home page screen dump runs this every 15 minutes.

    if ! ps -c | grep ppSrvr >/dev/null
    #echo Restarting ppSrvr
    /Users/brj/ppSrvr 5555 >>/Users/brj/ppSrvr.log &
    #echo Done