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Controlling the appearance of the navigation text

Two principal mechanisms exist for controlling the appearance of the text (aside from whatever global declarations you might make in the <BODY> tag). These involve a "font" tag, and/or use of a "style sheet".

The default FONT tag:

    <font face=Helvetica,Arial size=-1>

Setting the FONT tag:
If the "root" folder being processed (the topmost folder) contains a text file named "TheLinker.config.invis", the first line of this file is used to set the FONT tag for all files and folders contained within it.

Using a Style Sheet:
You do not have to define a style sheet. TheLinker will, nonetheless, create references to a style (called "nav"), which the browser should ignore. However, if you choose to define a style, it should be placed in the document HEAD and might look like the following (which suppresses the underline text styling on the links in the navigation area, declares the font preference, and sets a color):

    a.nav {text-decoration:none; font-family:Arial,Helvetica; color: #FFFFFF}

Navigation and Page Graphics

There are two folders of sample graphics provided. Each contains four files. The DOWN.GIF and RIGHT.GIF files provide the graphics for the links. These two files must be placed in the topmost folder (0.Sample Project, in this case). Relative links will be generated throughout the site as needed to point at these files. For other files, such as standard background and logo images BG.GIF and LOGO.GIF (as found in the sample HTML file), you must either use absolute links (the complete URL), provide copies in each folder, or specify links relative to the root of the server (starting with a "/"), or you can hand-customize them in any way you want.
Last updated: 12/16/03