Mac-based Software for Conferencing, Guestbooks, Site Feedback, etc.

"Discussions, Forums and Guestbooks Galore!"

Software, documentation and data files copyright 1998-2004 Brian Johnson, Department of Architecture, University of Washington.

What is ConferWeb?

ConferWeb is a simple, easy-to-use but un-bounded bulletin board (aka "conferencing") system. Since the first release in 1995 I have added a number of features, and it has had plenty of time to be tested and debugged. It is easy to deploy, easy to configure, and easy to manage. It provides flexible layout, and support for multiple conferences on a single server. You can use one of the standard forum configurations that comes with the package, or create your own custom uses by combining standard HTML tags with the special "Confer Tags" and "Markers" that tell ConferWeb what to do and where to do it.

While ConferWeb is not suitable for every use, I know I've come to rely on it, and I have received positive feedback from many of the webmasters who have adopted it. I hope the current version, which incorporates a number of user-requested features, works well for you. If not, feel free to post a suggestion or question to the ConferWeb Support Forum!

ConferWeb is listed in various Mac resource collections on the web. It has been reviewed and/or mentioned in various places, including Dave Hart's "Mac Webservers" Column at MacCentral (3/2000), MacWeek Online and MacWeek!