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How To


  • Topic Threads

    Discussion is divided among several topics or 'threads'. The list of topics is displayed on the main 'index' page. You can see the "Topic Titlte", the name of the person who created the thread, the number of additional postings on that topic, the date of the most recent posting, and the name of the author.

  • Selecting a Thread

    In the index listing, topic titles are clickable links, so just click on one to view that thread!

Making a Posting

At the bottom of each topic page is a form for posting (adding to the forum). Each time you make a posting, you'll need to fill out one of these forms, entering your name, your (optional) email address, and (of course!) your thoughts. When you're done, just click on the button labeled "Post it!." You should see the refreshed page appear, with your comments, in a few moments (in the worst case, perhaps 15-20 seconds).

  • Posting HTML

    If you know HTML you can use it to format your text for the posting. Simple bold and italics formatting can help make your points clear. Just make sure to include some paragraph tags (<p>) so it doesn't all run together, and click the "HTML" button so ConferWeb knows you're posting HTML.