Mac-based Software for Conferencing, Guestbooks, Site Feedback, etc.

ConferWeb Home Page

Software, documentation and data files copyright 1998-2004 Brian Johnson, Department of Architecture, University of Washington.

Software Features

Features new or revised in this release are shown in bold-face below.

  • A single CGI for any number of individually configurable guestbooks, bulletin boards, feedback pages, site catalogs, etc. on a web server.

  • Email "subscription" option permits webmasters to configure hybrid web-email communications (email forwarding of postings), facilitates group interaction, monitoring of discussions, etc.

  • NEW Email notification "message templates" allow customization of the email notices sent by the program.

  • Each discussion, guestbook, etc. may have it's own separate HTML and email layout templates, date format and password files, so it may be individually configured and managed. Customizable template files offer tremendous flexibility.

  • Updated Internal templates now exist for all standard template items. This means you only need to customize "where needed."

  • User's Guide (approx 13 pp) explains each feature and special tag, so you can make your own custom pages or modifications to the standard configurations.

  • Includes several NEW pre-configured conference and guestbook examples for quick setup and deployment.

  • Password-protected administrative editing feature enables a conference manager to selectively delete individual postings or entire topic threads through a web browser.

  • Supports Virtual Hosts on the same server (WebStar 3, Quid ProQuo, or WebTen) using the DIRE parameter (WebStar 2.1.1, 3.0.2, or later).

  • Can be combined with realm-based security to automatically "sign" postings with the name of the authorized user.

  • Efficient division of labor between the CGI and web server.

  • Compact thread structure requires minimal clicking to browse.

  • User input may be displayed exactly as it is typed, or as HTML.

  • Updates the "last modified" dates in the discussion index as Thread files are modified, making periodic reviews of complex discussions easier.

  • NEW Optionally updates "last author" and "number of replies" fields in the discussion index as Thread files are modified.

  • Includes "Filter words" management feature, through which ConferWeb automatically deletes (filters) specific content, as set by the conference webmaster.

  • New entries may be inserted at either the top or bottom of a thread/index.

  • Resolves aliases of folders and files.

  • Postcard-ware license for non-commercial use.