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Great Sites

The following listing showcases a variety of ConferWeb sites. It hasn't been updated with new sites in some time, and a number of users have either disappeared or moved to other systems, but it'll give you a flavor for the range of ConferWeb users.

These sites often make creative use of the software, showing how much more you can do than the "standard" layouts "out of the box". All it takes is a little creativity! Take a look, get inspired!

Since Site
1997 Rahway Public Schools Bulletin Boards
1997 Somewhere within the private area of a Navy research site.
1997 Michigan State University's Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR). (private)
1997 Guestbook and discussion area as part of the California School Leadership Academy (now defunct).
1997 Several discussion boards for the Education Faculty, University of Sydney, Australia.
5/1997 Several bulletin boards as part of the Teacher Education Sequence Server web site (now defunct).
8/1997 Private discussion forums as part of a group of telecentres in mid-Wales.
12/1997 A (private) message board as part of the Santa Barbara City College web site.
12/1997 A personal message board about "Lord of the Flies" at Rice.
12/1997 Several discussion BBSs, as part of Sociology courses at Southwest Texas State (now defunct).
1/1998 A private bulletin board as part of the campus website for Wheaton College.
1/1998 Bulletin boards at the Michigan Center for Career and Technical Education.
4/1998 A private message board as part of the ITER Project.
3/1998 A Discussion Board at the University of Manchester Student's Union, in England.
6/1998 A Discussion Area as part of the first year Biology course at the University of Sydney, Australia (now defunct).
6/1998 A private bulletin board as part of an intranet at Clinimetrics Research Associates Inc.
7/1998 As a private bulletin board for students in the University of Texas Medical Branch, School of Allied Health Sciences, Department of Respiratory Care.
10/1998 As a private bulletin board for members of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, SF Bay Area Alumni Club.
12/1998 As a private discussion forum for students enrolled in the University of Sydney's Dentistry program.
1/1999 As a (now defunct) discussion forum connected to an Instructional Design and Technology course at the University of North Dakota.
1/1999 As part of a company intranet for Armantus Inc..
1/1999 A discussion forum as part of a student home page at Texas A&M University.
8/1999 klotterplanket (now defunct)
9/1999 A bulletin board for the International Multiple Sclerosis Nurses Association
9/1999 A bulletin board (now defunct) at the UGRA web site (the Swiss Association for the Promotion of Research in the Graphic Arts Industry).

Remember, you must notify me of any ConferWeb site that you might establish! (but I won't list it without permission).