Mac-based Software for Conferencing, Guestbooks, Site Feedback, etc.

ConferWeb Home Page

Software, documentation and data files copyright 1998-2004 Brian Johnson, Department of Architecture, University of Washington.

Operating System

An Apple Macintosh running MacOS 7.6 - 9.2 with Applescript installed.

Web Server Software

WebStar (through version 4.5), WebTen, MacHTTP (yes it's still out there), and Quid Pro Quo have all been tested with ConferWeb and found to work (keeping in mind that this statement covers a wide range of version numbers, and not all features work well on all servers!).

Installations of ConferWeb with Apple Personal Web Sharing (PWS) have been reported, but I had problems making it work happily when I tried (on OS 9.1).

Scripting Additions (OSAXen)

Scripting additions are packages of software that add functionality to scripts through fast implementations of important functions. These files must be located in your Scripting Additions folder, located in the System folder (since OS 8). ConferWeb requires three OSAXen to deliver all features under OS-9:

If you wish to take advantage of the customization of date and time formats, you will also need to acquire the following OSAX. However, if you do not have it, ConferWeb will still run.

Other Applications

Similarly, if you wish to take advantage of the email featues, you will need to acquire the "Mondo Mail" program from Acme Technologies. If you do not have it, ConferWeb will still run, but will be unable to send email.

©1995-2004 Brian R. Johnson, Dept. of Architecture, University of Washington