Mac-based Software for Conferencing, Guestbooks, Site Feedback, etc.

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Software, documentation and data files copyright 1998-2004 Brian Johnson, Department of Architecture, University of Washington.

Purpose of this Software

ConferWeb was written to accomplish a simple task: To permit geographically dispersed people to carry on asynchronous discussion in a compact and efficient form that preserves the history of the discussion while providing maximum flexibility for site developers to customize layout and presentation of the material.

These web pages describe system requirements, installation, standard configurations, customization, and development history. Other areas of the web site provide the opportunity to see and test the standard configurations, and post questions to an online support forum.

Postcard-ware License

You may use this software as is, without warranty, for non-commercial purposes, at no cost except the trouble of sending me some email. For commercial licensing or redistribution rights, contact me directly. You are not permitted to decompile or disassemble the program in any way, nor to redistribute it in any form. All new installations must begin with a copy downloaded from

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©1995-2004 Brian R. Johnson, Dept. of Architecture, University of Washington