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Software, documentation and data files copyright 1998-2004 Brian Johnson, Department of Architecture, University of Washington.

OS-X Installation


  1. Install and configure one of the Applescript-connection packages described in the "OS-X Requirements" page.
  2. If you intend to use "Apple Mail" and have not done so, configure it with at least one user account.
  3. Open the ConferWeb distribution folder. Open the "software" folder, and then the "NoDIRE" folder. Copy duplicates of everything in the "to CGI-Executables" folder (confer.acgi, confer.admin, confer.filter, etc.) to the CGI-Executables folder on your web server. (For information on why you might want "originals"--see notes on "Reinstallation" below.
  4. Place a copy of the "Templates" folder somewhere on your web server. The line below assumes it has been placed at the root of the server.
  5. If you intend to use the email features, you need to edit the "" file: Line 1 is ignored, but retained for compatibility with older versions of the software. Line 2 provides the default "From" address for all email generated by the system. At ConferWeb startup, if this file is not present in the same folder as Confer.acgi, the email feature will be disabled.
  6. Double click on Confer.acgi to launch the program. Two dialog boxes should appear in succession. The first lists the various ConferWeb modules that were loaded. The second indicates whether the email sub-system is enabled. Both self-dismiss after a few seconds.
  7. You may begin using the software to explore some of the configuration options by simply performing a link to the index file contained in the Templates folder:


    Note: Small CGIs can sometimes be launched by the webserver software when a link to the CGI occurs, but this can result in time-outs due to the time required for startup. To avoid problems, you should run ConferWeb contantly, as a standard part of your server environment. One way to do this is by placing an alias to confer.acgi in your "Startup Items" folder.


Various changes that you might make to your server environment (upgrading the server, changing from NOT using the Email features to USING them and so on, will be more easily managed if you simply drop a "fresh" (never been 'localized' to your server) copy of Confer.acgi onto your server and re-initialize it using the procedures described above. Such "reinstallation" will have no effect on any existing conferences you have created, so long as the URL of the CGI is not changed.

©1995-2004 Brian R. Johnson, Dept. of Architecture, University of Washington