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    bulletin board
    Synonym for conference.

    A generic term for a bulletin board or asynchronous (not occuring at the same time) discussion area. Most ConferWeb conferences consist of a folder within which exist a main "Index" file, a number of discussion "Thread" files, and a set of support files. Each Thread is listed by name in the Index.
    conference manager
    Someone of modest web skills who knows the conference or guestbook password and is charged with deleting unwanted postings.
    ConferWeb's substitution tags.
    Short for "discussion forum". Synonym for conference.
    A single HTML file to which visitors to your site may add comments using a form. Works the same as a single discussion Thread.
    A central (HTML) listing of all Threads in a larger discussion context. The listing provides links to the threads.
    marker comments
    HTML comments(text starting with "<!--" and ending with "-->") that ConferWeb uses to structure the web page and guide or limit editing actions.
    substitution tags
    HTML "pseudo-tags" (they look like HTML, but they're not part of the W3C standards) used in ConferWeb template files. ConferWeb scans templates during operation, replacing these tags with context-appropriate content, sometimes based on user input, sometimes based on execution context.
    templates (.tmpl files)
    Read-only text files containing static text and HTML, plus replacable ConferTags. To process a posting, ConferWeb reads the appropriate template, replaces the ConferTags, and inserts or saves the results in the appropriate place.
    A topically oriented discussion consisting of an initial posting and any follow-up postings. Contained within a single HTML file, usually created and maintained by ConferWeb.
    Someone with access to the web server, who is able to place files in the cgi-bin folder, edit the HTML template files for conferences, etc.

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