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Trouble Shooting


ConferWeb has been developed and used over a period of several years. The newer features have had fewer opportunities to misbehave, and there is much more complexity to the Mac webserver environment than there was "in the old days". All of ConferWeb's features work to the extent of my ability to test them. This does not mean that I've compensated for all the ways that people and programs behave that are different from the environment I work in. I try to think it through, and then I try to work with people to resolve problems when they do crop up. Sometimes that is easy, and sometimes it takes a while. The more information you get me about your server (software, OS version, plug-ins, etc.) the easier it is for me to help you. Still, you must understand that this is offered "as-is", without support (the day-job comes first!). Still, when possible, I'll help you with troubleshooting, so feel free to ask.

Known Problems

    DIRE & "Error -1701"

    For reasons that remain somewhat unclear, the DIRE parameter, which is supposed to be passed from Webstar to ConferWeb, does not always get passed. The result of attempting to use the CGI if this parameter is not passed is an error "-1701" (no data returned).

    Based on testing I have conducted, I believe that WebStar 3.0.2 and 4.x will fail to pass the DIRE parameter if you don't have a "virtual" host defined in the Virtual Hosts plugin corresponding to the actual host name for the server (the one it responds to before you start defining virtual hosts). So, if you encounter this problem, I believe you can cure it by defining such a host.

    To make matters a little easier: ConferWeb comes in two forms. The "no DIRE" version does not use the DIRE paramter and thus does not support virtual hosts. It will run on systems which do (Webstar 3, WebTen, Quid Pro Quo), but only when located in the root-server folder hierarchy. The DIRE version requires the DIRE parameter to work, and fully supports the systems which use DIRE to support virtual hosts.

Error Messages

    Most error messages are designed to be self-explanatory, such as "Tanaka's OSAX not installed." Others are simply not supposed to occur in the normal course of events. When they do (!) make sure you give me the full text of the error message in your bug report.

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