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Software, documentation and data files copyright 1998-2004 Brian Johnson, Department of Architecture, University of Washington.

Installation Options

ConferWeb utilizes a modular code structure. This is reflected in the various files installed into the cgi-bin or CGI-Executables folder. The modules contribute various functionality to ConferWeb, but some of them are optional. If installed but not utilized, the optional modules increase the memory required by the system under OS-9 and may slow it some. If you find that the speed of the system is not what you hoped, or if your server is memory constrained, you might try removing a module and then restarting ConferWeb.

OS-9 Modules (ConferWeb 3.3)

    Confer.acgi (required)
    Main program. Required in all installations
    confer.filter (optional)
    Supports the word filtering functionality.
    confer.admin (optional)
    supports the administrative editing functionality

OS-X Modules (ConferWeb 3.4+)

ConferWeb underwent substantial revision and reorganization as part of making it available under OS-X. One change was to the number and functionality of different modules. For that reason, OS-9 modules (ConferWeb 3.3 and before) cannot be used with the OS-X version of ConferWeb.

    Confer.acgi (required)
    The main program. Always required. (required)
    A suite of tools for processing postings, etc.
    When present, this module over-writes certain ConferWeb default values to facilitate use in differing OS and server environments.
    conferX.admin (optional)
    This module supports ConferWeb "Administration" operations (deletion of threads and postings).
    ConferX.filter (optional)
    This module (and the related filter.words forum configuration file), implements the "filter.words" feature. The filter.words feature scans user postings for objectionable text and removes it or replaces it as appropriate. For additional information see the "features" portion of the User Guide.
    conferX.mail (optional)
    This module (and the related confer.mail-config forum configuration file), implements the email notification feature. For additional information see the "features" portion of the User Guide

©1995-2004 Brian R. Johnson, Dept. of Architecture, University of Washington