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ConferWeb 3.2 Released!

Brian Johnson


ConferWeb is a "postcardware" applescript CGI add-on for Macintosh webservers (webTen, WebStar, WS4D, and Personal Web Sharing). With it webmasters may create any number of independently operating, independently managed and independently configurable web "conferences" (a term covering guestbooks, bulletin boards, etc.). ConferWeb supports WebStar-style Virtual Hosts (those using DIRE), and now it supports an EMAIL gateway.

Version 3.2 gives webmaster's the option of integrating EMAIL into their conferences. New postings are automatically sent by email to the designated individual(s) (or lists!). There are numerous uses for this feature: It greatly facilitates monitoring of multiple discussion areas on a busy server; web-based technical support forums for low- volume products like ConferWeb can get quick-notification of new questions; webmasters may monitor bulletin boards for appropriate content; and when used to support courses in an academic setting, faculty may receive email "mirroring" each posting. Combined with course (or group) mailing lists, this feature opens up a whole new collaboration between web and email communications.

Version 3.2 also introduces "authenticated signatures" on postings. If the conference is protected within a REALM, and if individual users recieve their own unique user names, the webmaster may configure the ConferWeb templates such that the authenticated Username is used to identify the name of the person making the posting.

ConferWeb has been available as "postcardware" since 1995. It has provided reliable service at many sites world-wide, and may be downloaded only from To find out more, visit the website.

Brian Johnson

Version 3.2.2 Update now available.

This version fixes a problem with the way ConferWeb handles dates when you don't have the DATETIME OSAX. It also eliminates those annoying double-spaced lines in the email mirror of the posting.

This version is now the default download.