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Speed, hardware, etc.

Brian Johnson


Just to set the context of any discussion that might appear here regarding ConferWeb's speed, this installation of ConferWeb is being served off of a Mac 7250 PowerMac, using WebStar 3.0.2, on a server that takes some 5000 hits/day. It responds much more quickly on our new G3 and G4 boxes! :-)
But it *will* run on my old 7100 at home if it has to.
Andrew Robulack

Just testing a post again, couldn't get the last one to work..
John Kolby

checking out some webstar alternatives to unix stuff, this looks very professional
charles smith-dewey

Just kicking the tires. Looking for some software that is easy to use, customizable and fairly robust. Will this be i

What is your browser? If it honors the "Pragma no-cache" Meta tag, it should refresh and show the inserted text... Not?

This looks very nice and seems to running plenty fast off your 7250

I just posted that last message with MSIE 4.5Mac... after which the screen refreshed, as it should, showing me the changed file. This is true even though the browser is set to check files only Once per session (in Edit Preferences/web browsing/advanced/cache) (I usually set it to always). Now the really annoying problem is that this text will be truncated by the number of wrapped lines in MSIE. There are about 7 in this posting. Counting down 98
tom bird

I'm looking for some forum software to include in a website for my department. tb
scott karch

very interesting and the price is right. Let's see if this works.
scott karch

Refresh seemed very slow... maybe the server was sleeping when my request was made. Let's see if this is any faster.
scott karch

I really like the look of this.. but each time I post up a response, it takes about 20 - 30 seconds to get a refreshed page. I am running an iBook with IE5 through a 768k DSL and have very little latency. Is this normal or is there something slowing down your server right now... Saturday morning. Scott
Brian Johnson

20 - 30 seconds seems a bit excessive, though 5 - 10 is not unusual for our server. This page isn't large enough to take a lot of time to download, so it is most likely something else. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Got ConferWeb working but now we're experiencing the same type of delays (20-30 seconds).
Brian Johnson

Rob, you don't say what your hardware or software configuration is. That can make a big difference. On our new G3 and G4 hardware, ConferWeb is substantially faster. On other servers (MacHTTP and PWS for example) it's quite a bit slower than WebStar. With WebStar there is now a "Performance" configuration setting in the "WebStar Admin > Server Settings... > Web Settings > Connections" area which changes the relative amount of processor power available to CGI's and that has an effect. Other factors (disk speed, etc.) may also have an effect. And, of course, newer faster servers generally do better than older slower ones.

Hope that helps.

Michael Alatorre

Test response. This looks like a good add-on for our department. Thanks.
Scott Evans

Just trying this out. I am a little concerned that the last software update was over a year ago. Is this product still being maintained and updated?
Brian Johnson

Scott, check the posting dates on the BBS! I haven't had a big revision to roll out in a year, but if you want to pay extra (grin) I could set one up for you.<p> It's not my bread and butter, but I remain quite interested in maintaining and enhancing ConferWeb, as my limited time resources permit, and as good opportunities and suggestions appear. <p> Hope that helps.
Brian Johnson

As of today (Oct 8, 2001) the machine serving as the forum host is a G4 running Webstar 3.0.2 on Mac OS 9.1.
Julian Spink

This looks good for the intranet forum we are planning...
john pellino

Testing to see how things work - thanks.



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