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Will this work with OSX Server?

Wayne Richmond


I have only just found out about this program as we are about to change our web server over to OSX. Does anyone know whether it will work?
Brian Johnson

This is a good question, with a fairly complex answer. It's a multipart answer....
  • ConferWeb is an AppleScript. The AppleScript system exists natively under OS-X. So far, so good.
  • ConferWeb depends on certain OSAXen to operate. So far as I know, none of these is OS-X compatible yet, but scripts can be written so that the OSAXen run in Classic, probably at some performance cost. OK, still doable. That is, it'll run.
  • Communication is another issue. ConferWeb receives apple-events from the web server. As near as I have been able to determine (or have been told by folks who should know)...
    • The Apache implementation in OS-X (not Server) does NOT support the WebStar style AppleEvents needed. BUMMER.
    • WebStar V probably does (I haven't tested). Good.
    • The Apache implementation in OS-X SERVER supposedly DOES support this form of communication. SO IT SHOULD WORK!
So, while I haven't tested it, I believe you could install the OSAXen in Classic, run the CGI in Classic, and talk to it from OS-X SERVER's web server. I would _love_ to find out if this is really true. If you try it, please let me know!
Brian Johnson

You may also want to read my posting in the Support Forum for the latest information.
Kevin Boggs

I'm attempting to use ConferWeb with OS X Server 10.4 (Tiger) but I get an error on posting. You mention that OS X Server can handle the CGIs. Is there something I need to configure on the server to get this to work?
Brian Johnson

It has been several years since I did this, but let's see ... OS X-Server includes something that was called "CGI enabler" or similar ... However, a quick Google search found this posting which expresses frustration at trying to find the (seemingly withdrawn) ACGI-Enabler from Apple, and frustration trying to get "acgi- dispatcher" (a 3rd party solution) to work on OS-X Server. Tellingly, the thread did not end with a posted solution other than "rewrite your CGIs in something else".

So. Perhaps it is not possible any more with all-Apple software, and might not work with acgi-dispatcher. However, I suspect it will work with my own "peacePipe" software, assuming that (at some level) OS-X Server still runs a pretty "vanilla" apache variation, and that you can edit httpd.conf, etc. This is not something I have tested or can easily test, but if you don't mind getting under the hood on your server, I might be able to walk you through the configuration process and you could test it.

Sorry, that's the best I can do

Kevin Boggs

Wow, thanks for the super fast response! OK, I'm ready to see if we can get it to work. Thanks for helping me with this.

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