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ConferWeb 3.3 Released!

Brian Johnson


ConferWeb version 3.3 was released today. New features include configurable email notification messages, and two new "passback" tags for updating the index (as you can see demonstrated on this bulletin board!).


A Tester

I tried the Mac Web server site and this did not work
A Tester

Brian, this looks great software. The problems I encountered initially went away if I unticked the Web Proxy box in the preferences of there a way of alleviating this problem for people on LAN that may be using web proxy?
Brian Johnson

It depends on just what "Web Proxy" does to the exchange between the CGI and the browser. Obviously, it would not affect browsing, as that moves in the usual way. Posting involves sending info to the CGI, which presumably works, except that the nominal "source" for the transaction (the IP number) might change, and the "referer" field might change. The latter would be a serious problem, but I'm willing to look at it if you want to work with me over a period of time. OR, if you've got a doc'n URL for "Web Proxy"... I'll take a look.

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