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-1700 error

Bruce Knox


My server is OSX10.4 with cgi dispatcher (sentman) and newly installed ConferWeb. When I post a message I get: Version: ConferWeb 3.4x(b4) While:re-writing edited file Status:unk Number: -1700 Message: Can't make text items 4 thru -2 of "" into type string. Can anyone point me in the right direction as it was installed as per the readme file. Many Thanks Bruce
Brian Johnson

Another user wrote to me with exactly the same problem about a month ago (but on OSX10.3.9). I replied as follows: My own problems with acgi-dispatcher were what led me to write peacePipe. This was over 12 months ago now, and I don't immediately recall what finally pushed me over the line wrt dispatcher. If you don't mind trying yet another piece of software (which WILL conflict with dispatcher, as they both hijack the .acgi extension in your httpd.conf file), I'd suggest taking a look at that. His response indicated that with peacePipe in place of acgi-dispatcher, he was able to run ConferWeb without problem. You can find peacePipe elsewhere on this site ( Good luck!

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