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General ConferWeb Error:

Simon Forster


Hi I'm helping out Bruce with his copy of ConferWeb. We've installed PeacePipe and that seems to be working OK. However, when trying to create a new topic (Templates/Basic%20Conference%20Template/newitem.html -> click on "Post" button) we're seeing: "General ConferWeb Error! Version: ConferWeb 3.4x(b4) While:writing new thread file Status: Number: -1728 Message: Finder got an error: Can't get file. <hr> asefasdf 6/2/05@13:19 fgasdf asdfadsfasdf <hr> Response form not available without NewItem template." The template is in place (or at least I think it is - I'm not 100% sure I know which file it's looking for. I'm assuming Templates/Basic Conference Template/NewItem.tmpl) and the world has read / write privileges. This is under Mac 10.4.1 so I wonder if we've got an issue with the latest and greatest version of OS X? Have you got any pointers here? TIA Simon
Brian Johnson

It is possible (even probable) that this is a 10.4 OS problem, as that would explain the two errors that seem to have occured to produce the above message. I will investigate further (with a little help from Simon I hope), and post an update if necessary.
Brian Johnson

Simon and I worked on this via email for several days, finally discovering that the virtual host directory setting in the relevant apache httpd.conf file included a trailing slash, producing double-slash (or double-colon) URLs that didn't play nice with ConferWeb's file-system location code. Once that was fixed, all was well. So, NOT a 10.4 problem after all (or not directly so).

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