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Session Info Lost

Brruce Knox


The discussion board I am trying to set up is one where access is restricted to only authenticated users who, once authenticated, are given a session id. Including the code and passing the session info is fine except when writing a new thread/post. The form action on newitem.html has all the session info but when it is submitted it gets lost, so when the user gets returned to the index.html page they get kicked out by my session checking coding as an unauthorised user. I have also tried to hard code in the session info to newitem.html, but again this gets lost upon submission. My suspicion is that the cgi action is not passing this stuff on, is there a way this can be done??? Regards Bruce
Brian Johnson

I think your suspicion is correct.

The "supported" mechanism for assuring "members only" access with ConferWeb is to use an http "realm" (i.e., an .htaccess file). These files may be re/written in real time, so if you have a "login" page in front of the ConferWeb forum, it should be possible to make this work.

Having said that, I suspect you are using PHP for the session info, and passing the session ID as part of the URL as a search argument? If so, you and ConferWeb are both trying to use the same mechanism, and I suspect there are some fundamental problems.

I'd be happy to look at this a bit more deeply but need to know more about the technique you are using, and you need to know that I will be "off line" for most of the next 2.5 weeks, as I was for the last week (backpacking).

Bruce Knox

Thanks Brian - but I figured it out, I thought I was setting a session and a cookie but I wasn't setting the cookie properly - now all appears OK. Many thabks for your help and enjoy your backpacking!

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