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Jeff Zacks


Hi, First off, thanks much to Brian for making this available to the community! Now to the problem. (Hope this isn't a FAQ I missed.) We've installed ConferWeb, XMail, and PeacePipe on our lab server. I've tried configuring the current version of ConferWeb using both Apple Mail and XMail. It's working fine except for the mail updates. In the initial test session with Apple Mail it send one or two mail notifications but hasn't worked since. I don't see any error messages in the ppSrvr output of the httpd logs. Any guesses as to how we can diagnose the problem? Best, Jeff Zacks
Brian Johnson

Jeff, If you got one or two email's through the system, and if postings work, there's no problem with ppSrvr and I doubt that there's a problem with ConferWeb. If you're using AppleMail you should be able to open Mail on the server and see each outbound message copied/saved in the sent-mail folder. You may find several outbound messages stacked up in the outbox? Similarly, with Xmail, you might be experiencing a connection problem (though I'm not sure what XMail does if there's a connection disruption). Could the mail be running afoul of somebody's spam filter? That might make it seem to stop. Make sure the 'sending entity' has an address to which replies and bounces can really be delivered (I usually use my own faculty email address, for example). Keep me posted on your progress!
Jeff Zacks

Hi Brian, There isn't any mail stacked up in the Apple Mail outbox and throughout the period I was testing it and it was failing, so my hunch is things are breaking down before ConferWeb tries to send the mail. One possibility is that I somehow clobbered the syntax of the mail list entry. Here's what I have at the end of the Index.html file: <!> Are there any log files that would show what ConferWeb thinks its doing, so I can verify whether it's trying to send the mail? Jeff
Brian Johnson

Try moving the CW_SUBSCRIBERS line (which looks fine otherwise) to the TOP of the HTML. If I remember correctly, ConferWeb doesn't look past the top part of the file when searching for this text (lots of compromises for the sake of speed). That's also why it doesn't try to write a detailed log file. (and thanks for the registration info!)
Jeff Zacks

Success! That did the trick. I must have original put the test email at the top and then moved the email block to the bottom when I added the full list. Thanks much for you help with this, Brian. And again, thanks for making this available.

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