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problem with data input



First, thankk you for your program. I am not very bright and I installed confer web 3.4 with acgi dispatcher 2.5 on OS X 10.3.9. Serves the template pages; but when data is submitted, it comes back as a download "confer.acgi" and just sits on my desktop. I assume this is a problem with my install of acgi dispatcher; but, thought I would ask. Thanks again.

Hi Charlie. I believe this is the problem with ACGI-dispatcher that I was unable to work around satisfactorily. Ultimately, I developed my own alternative to dispatcher, which I called "peacePipe" (available from http://, to address these problems. You might try installing it too (NOTE: acgi-dispatcher and peacePipe both make modifications to your httpd.conf configuration file. IF you limit one to .cgi and the other to .acgi extensions, they can co-exist. Otherwise, you'll need to deinstall acgi-dispatcher first). Hope that helps.

Your peacepipe instructions assume I am alot smarter than I am; I tried to follow them; but get the following error "The requested URL /cgi-bin/conferweb/Confer.acgi was not found on this server." Any suggestions? It is ok to tell me to go away.

As long as I am doing this: when I launch ppclient in terminal, I get the following: [ckars-imac:~] ckar% /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables/ppclient; exit Bus error logout

Hmm.. (note, feel free to use the email for a direct contact) .. Did you find and modify the /etc/httpd/httpd.conf file? Without the peacePipe config change, the rest of it won't do much. "cgi-bin" is an apache alias for the "/library/webserver/CGI-Executables" folder.. There is text in the httpd.conf file that relates to this. I forget whether it is "active" in the default Mac-OS installation (it's been a long time), but if you've found that file, do some searching/reading until it seems right. There's lots of text in the file, but it'll be pretty clear when you find it. Finally, you won't normally launch ppclient yourself. That's what apache (the webserver) will launch for you when you attempt to connect to an .acgi file from the web. In the right context, it should work right (it gives a bus error on my server too, when launched from terminal).


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