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Peace Pipe: Error calling bind()

David Stafford


I've been running ConferWeb 3.4b with peacePipe on my 10.4.1 equipped Mac G4 for some time now. During the last couple of months my guestbook stops working (Internal Error message) and I notice that Terminal shows "Error calling bind()". This error occurs about once every 3 days, which is to say that everything works for about 3 days and then it stops. When the error occurs, I quit Terminal, launch it again and then type in ./ppsrvr 5555. Sometimes I have to do this several times before it "takes." That is, it errors out the first few tries. After that, my guestbook works great for 2 or 3 days. -dave
David Stafford

... forgot to mention that after I started having the problem, I downloaded fresh copies of Conferweb 3.4b and peacePipe and reinstalled everything. In addition, I called up a fresh backup copy of httpd.conf and edited it as instructed in the installation docs. -dave
Brian Johnson

The "Internal error" (in apache) happens when apache is unable to communicate with the CGI. I believe that the error is occurring because peacePipe is crashing. When ppSrvr dies, the UDP socket is still "bound" to the old process for a while. That's why you get the "error calling bind" message when first trying to restart. The deeper question, then, is why would peacePipe be crashing. You don't say, but I assume that the reinstallation didn't help. Certainly, ConferWeb itself shouldn't be a problem (given the symptoms). It would help to know how busy ppSrvr is. Do you ever look at ppSrvr.log? (in the same folder as the application). It may be that you are receiving multiple hits at the same time (possible?). On my servers there is usually regular, but not heavy traffic. While I haven't seen crashes due to simultaneous hits, peacePipe is not multiply threaded, so it is possible that it would have difficulty in this (or similar) situation. This might be a symptom of a busy server. How responsive is ConferWeb to admin edits? Is the server memory-constrained? busy with other processes (taking longer to service a ConferWeb hit, and thus increasing the likelihood of overlapping hits)? etc. I run a Cron script that checks the peacePipe server every few minutes and restarts it. This might be helpful (and reminds me that I should look for restarts in my own logs!). Let me know if you want help setting that up (it's pretty straight-forward).

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