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ConferWeb on Leopard OSX Server

Derek Redmond


Not much activity here on the support forum lately -- I'm not sure what that means. But ConferWeb has served me well for a number of years so I would like to take it with me onto my G5 Leopard server if possible. I am currently running about a dozen forums with WebStar on OS9 with few problems except about once a year it chokes while posting a response and erases the whole thread. I understand that I need PeacePipe with the Apache server, so I put all components of PeacePipe into CGI-Executables and launched ppSrvr with Terminal. I'm a bit worried to read that it may have a 32K file limit, because I have threads of 88K or more in some forums. I'm not sure if ConferWeb itself belongs in CGI-Executables or in CGI-BIN, so it's in both places. But when I try to submit a post through the new server, or use the Admin link, the browser just stalls and eventually says Server Not Responding. If there are too many obstacles to making this work, and everybody is abandoning ConferWeb, is there an obvious replacement that will run easily on Leopard OSX Server? Thanks Brian and anybody else still on board. Derek Redmond
Brian Johnson

Hi Derek! Good to hear from you. The move to apache will probably take a few steps, but it should work OK. The move to 10.5 may require me to do some work on ConferWeb (my own servers are still running 10.4), but I would be a little surprised. (still, best not to get too certain before testing). As far as peacePipe is concerned, I need to do some thing to make it easier for people to install and run, but we can walk through this. Before I do, though, I think I should do a installation on Leaopard to test whether my expectations are accurate or not. The 32k limit in peacePipe would afffect the largest possible posting, and might affect the largest page you can admin through ConferWeb, but it shouldn't affect the largest possible thread. In any event, I can compile you a version with more elbow room if needed. I will take a look at the Leopard installation issues over the week-end and get back to you.
Derek Redmond

Thanks a lot Brian. OK, I see that peacePipe isn't actually involved in serving the threads, so the size limit shouldn't be a problem. Yes, if you can provide a dummy's guide to ConferWeb on Apache, I think it will be really helpful to people like me. Leopard OSX Server itself is much easier to set up than its predecessor, so I predict there will be more users interested in a nice easy package of ConferWeb and peacePipe. Derek

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