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Brian, I read a Vietnam War forum that uses your software. Recently, a stink has come up because it has been observed that a post made by the moderator never seems to go away. In fact, that post "hangs out" at the bottom of the list seemingly forever. The moderator/author claims that he has no control over this. The "hits" on his topic now number 3817, yet those topics above his seldom exceed 100. What gives? Does he have control over this, or not? Check it out: -dave

Hi Dave (long time!)... First, the site you mention is not using ConferWeb. It appears to be using Ceilidh, which I have heard of, but this is not a product I am familiar with. So I don't know much and you should take what follows with some salt... The "hit count" is not very meaningful. View any of the postings and simply reload it repeatedly... you'll see the hit count go up once per reload. Perhaps someone simply sat on their reload button for a while? There's nothing in the content of that posting that would seem worth revisiting so often. A There DOES seem to be something wrong with the index. All the postings on March 19-21 are without links to the actual posting..just subject lines. Not sure what's up with that. As far as changing it... I suspect someone with savvy (like the sysadmin) could reset the counter, but it may be that the site is running on "autopilot". Best of luck.

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