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Portions of posts missing

David Stafford


I finally decided to move from MacHTTP v2.5 to the built-in Apache server, so I downloaded and installed ConferWeb 3.4. It works great except the poster's email is missing, along with the horizontal rule <HR>. In addition, the poster's IP address appears about where the email address used to appear. I have misplaced a template, or...? The only other problem I'm experiencing is that my password no longer works when I try to delete a post. Which file do I edit to correct this and where do I place the file in relation to my Guestbook.html page? Dave
Brian Johnson

Hi Dave, One or two ConferTags had changes in going to OS-X (tolerance for upper- vs- lower-case, etc) so you should check the release notes for details (they get fuzzy with time), but the poster's email address should work (it's just one of the AUX variables). I'm not sure what HR you're talking about, but if it's in the response.tmpl file but not in the HTML ... something's wonky (get back to me). BTW, you can always view the "response.tmpl" file from this site by hand-editing the URL in the browser (and then viewing source). There are some config options in 3.4 that didn't exist before, including one that can be used to change the password file name (I may not have documented this well enough--let me know). The default is to use "password.acgi" from the same folder as the guestbook or forum. I thought I made it tolerant of the unix vs mac vs dos line-ending issues, but perhaps you need to open and re-save the password file to change line-endings. Keep me posted on how you're doing. I think you'll like the apache environment once you get used to it (I certainly do).
David Stafford

I found part of the problem. I failed to copy my response.tmpl file to the Apache folder. This kind of flashed across my mind as I was making my intial post (it's been too long since I setup WebConfer) :-) Anyway, thanks for the quick response. I'll poke around with the password.acgi as you suggested. Dave
David Stafford

Thanks to your help, I got it sorted out. I failed to copy the password.acgi into the proper folder and then edit it. It now works great! Thanks again Brian! Off topic, for another forum: now I need to learn how to edit the httpd.conf so I can Deny a certain IP that has been making obnoxious posts to my guestbook for over a year now. I added the line "Deny from xx.xx" and also "Deny from env=name". Might work, can't tell yet. Thanks again, Dave

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