Mac-based Software for Conferencing, Guestbooks, Site Feedback, etc.

ConferWeb Home Page

Software, documentation and data files copyright 1998-2004 Brian Johnson, Department of Architecture, University of Washington.
3.45/28/04Initial OS-X release. New Features:
  • Support for OS-X, Apple's apache server.
  • New website look.
  • Word filter substitutions (not just filtering) (turn "<script ..." into "&lt;script ...")
  • New Tags and Markers: <Confer_FRoot> and <Confer_Action>.
3.3.21/30/02Bug-fix related to updated information not appearing in the INDEX file under some circumstances.
3.3.11/5/02Implemented the implied new ConferTags <Confer_Title> (HTML TITLE) and <Confer_Path> (full URL). Fixed bug related to "Aux3".
3.31/4/02New release. New Features: Index file updates of number of postings and last author, customizable email notification templates, add'l "aux" variable, and new internal file templates.
3.2.23/16/00Found/fixed a couple of additional places where the date-handling needed tweaking, and fixed a 'double-space' annoyance in the mail feature.
3.2.13/13/00Re-corrected a problem in the way ConferWeb handles dates if the DateTime OSAX is not present.
3.23/10/00New Features: Email subscriptions, Realm integration for authenticated signatures, bundled DIRE/NoDire versions, new 'sidewinder' template, web-chat template removed. Improved handling of password files.
3.04/15/99Internal release of email subscription feature.
2.14/15/99New Features: filter words, compatible with WebStar's Virtual Hosts, new bbs and guestbook templates plus new web-chat template. Release delayed by problems with some Webstar installations.
2.0.412/10/97Fixed a bug which would cause problems if you moved ConferWeb after running it for a while. Generalized the handling of multihoming and verified that it works with both the Clearly Home and Pardeikes Welcome plugins (some restrictions apply).
2.0.312/2/97Unusual characters (#, ?, &, +, =, /, space) are now legal in folder and volume names on the ConferWeb path. Added document section on configuring Pardeikes Welcome Plugin for use with ConferWeb. Improved error messages for password problems.
2.0.211/24/97Fixed BUG which caused ConferWeb to fail when used with Pardeikes Welcome Plugin. Added "Trouble Shooting" section to documentation. Added datetime.tmpl file to prototype folder.
2.0.110/15/97Added more configured example files, rectified mismatches between documentation and sample files, improved documentation for response.tmpl and datetime.tmpl template files.
2.09/27/97New Features: password-protected "culling" implemented; customizable dates; configurable response layout; alias detection and processing; modification date "back propagation" to reference link in Index;

Other revisions: improved error handling; both top-down and bottom-up ordering of indexes and responses; some tags renamed; new "aux1" and "aux2" fields and associated substitution tags; substantial reworking of user guide.

1.5.56/26/97A new StuffIt archive to fix a problem with the 1.5.4 download file. Otherwise identical.
1.5.46/24/97Fixes a bug that prevented ConferWeb from being used with Quid Pro Quo; improved detection and better feedback for common installation errors.
1.5.36/17/97A new StuffIt archive to fix a problem with the 1.5.2 download file. Otherwise identical.
1.5.26/12/97Flushes the Webstar file info cache; uses the "referer" rather than the "server" CGI argument to establish the redirect target, so it should work with multi-homing (virtual domain) packages.

1.5.1n/ainternal version, not released.
1.511/16/95This was the first public release of the software.