Version History

Known limitations, cautions & support policies:

peacePipe 1.0 is a first implementation. As such, it hasn't been extensively stress-tested, nor has it been deployed on lots of different systems. Caveat user. Known Limitations: It is not multiply threaded (so if two CGI requests arrive at the same time, results are undefined). It does not support the FULL-REQUEST parameter. It does not support "send partial" replies. It does not handle file uploads. It does not support "connection IDs". Internal buffers limit data exchanges to 32k. This should be adequate to most applications, but CGIs returning longer responses will find results truncated (truncations are logged to the Terminal window). Cautions: Requests that cause blocking in the client, for whatever reason, may cause the server to fail or the the application to hang. If the server crashes, there is no automated mechanism for restarting it. Support: I expect to enhance and expand peacePipe to satisfy my own serving needs, so some of these limitations may go away soon. Others may take a while, possibly a long while.